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Performance management is not only an effective tool for businesses and organizations; it should also be a workplace standard. Today it is possible to harvest a wealth of information that businesses can utilize to up their game. Achieving good results does require know-how and proper implementation, however. It’s important that all the employees of an organization are invested in this process. Here are three ways to move towards the goal of employee commitment to performance management.

Data drivers
Provide employees with data that proves the worth of performance management systems. Some people might not be familiar with how it works and what is accomplishes, so it’s important to educate them. Human resource experts can find and present information, to employees, about how it works. Specific case studies are particularly useful, as they paint a picture and tell a story.

Engaged employees
Involve employees and managers in crafting responses to what performance management data reveals. By giving them an ownership stake in the process, they are more invested in its implementation and outcome. Let them voice their needs and opinions, and try to incorporate those into the plans and goals that come out of the data.

If your organization has employees who have previous experience with the type of process you are implementing, engage them in the dialogue. Ask them to discuss the positive aspects, as well as the challenges. Their experience will carry weight with their colleagues.

Team players
Take a team approach. Each person on any kind of team contributes to the overall goal in his or her own way. Consider the example of a sports team, where players are expected to execute specific duties, and coaches are there to facilitate their performance and growth. Businesses can function in the same way. Certain employees are expected to excel at specific specialties. By stressing that the group should function as a team, employees should be motivated to hone their own skillset.

One of the best ways to improve skills is through data-driven systems. Hold each person responsible for their specific areas of expertise, and set expectations for them to perform at top levels.

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