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Subject: How to Prevent Periodontal Disease
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How much do you know about periodontal disease? For most of us the answer is, “not much”. That’s understandable, as it’s a rather obscure phrase that doesn’t get much attention. Cascade Dental Group is schooled in the subject, and would like to answer some common questions about it.

What It Is?
It’s an inflammatory condition of the gums and bones that support the teeth. Gingivitis is the first stage, and is most often characterized by red, swollen and tender gums. Interestingly, those are symptoms of the body working to fight harmful bacteria. The later stage is known as periodontitis, and involves the gums and tissue receding from the teeth.

There is increasing evidence that periodontal disease is related to other maladies, including diabetes, arthritis and even heart disease. Scientists believe that it is the inflammatory aspect of all these diseases that connect them.

How Is It Detected?
Periodontists use visual assessment, as well as probes, to arrive at a diagnosis. Cascade Dental offers the expertise needed to diagnose and treat this ailment. Some of the issues that they see in relation to periodontal disease include gum depressions, excessively receding gum lines, and tooth loss.

What Can Be Done?
Prevention is the best tool. Your dentist can offer a number of suggestions for a dental regimen that fights off periodontal disease. They can also treat the problem. Treatment might involve scaling, root planning or other therapies for the root and tissue. In more drastic cases, surgical procedures might be used.

Again, stopping the disease before it starts is optimal. Ask your dentist about the best practices to thwart this inflammatory malady.

Cascade Dental Group has the experience and tools to help you obtain optimal dental health. If you have questions about periodontal disease, please see the comments below section.