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Fast food is changing for the positive! There is fast food of old, which is of the soggy, greasy, unhealthy and boring variety. Then, there is the new fast food- good food that happens to be prepared quickly. Edmonton has a vibrant restaurant scene, and it includes the new, tasty speedy fare. That is what we’d like to focus on, as Edmonton Apartment Rentals offers some suggestions for the most tasty and unique fast (good!) food in town.

Tres Carnales Taqueria will spice up your meal with fresh, delicious Mexican tacos and more. Their typical Mexican street food transported to the prairie will revive even the most jaded palate. Tacos, quesadillas and tortas (Mexican sandwiches), feature chicken, beef, pork, chorizo and more. Vegetarians will be pleased with mushroom or veggie tacos. Pair your food with thirst quenchers like sangria, beer or agua frescas, and you’ll swear you’re on a beach in Mexico- for a moment, anyway.

La Poutine serves up the Quebec delicacy with flair! The fries are made from hand-cut spuds that are cooked in canola oil. The cheese curds, dips and gravy are savoury and made in-house. You’ll find a surprising variety of poutines, including the Traditional, Cheeseburger, Wurst and Italian. Use your culinary creativity to customize your choice, with sides of hot sauce, sour cream, maple syrup and more.

Oodle Noodle is a tongue-twisting, delicious Asian fresh and fast food place. The founder, known as Sonny, offers his interpretation of 7 different Asian cuisines, combined to produce the best of all worlds. Go for traditional favourites like Vietnamese Salad Rolls and Spring Rolls, or try something out of the ordinary like Green Onion Cakes, or the Filipino dish Pancit Canton. If you’re in a real hurry, they are known for their takeout and delivery.

Grab something tasty while you shop, at West Edmonton Mall’s Swiss 2 Go. Made from scratch Swiss sandwiches and cold food platters are the specialties here. What is a Swiss sandwich, you might ask? How about a Matterhorn, with alpine style dried beef, cilantro, avocado, sliced jalapenos, and butter on a pretzel baguette? Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Nutella Haven, which combines Nutella, sliced bananas and light butter on a pretzel baguette. You don’t need to climb a mountain to sample these delicious Swiss delicacies.

No list of fast foods would be complete without a good burger joint. Rodeo Burgers is way above your average burger shack, from the AAA Alberta Angus beef they use to the dizzying array of toppings to choose from. They start with high quality beef patties served on fresh baked buns. Then, the customer takes the reins by choosing from toppings like Rodeo Relish, salsa, caramelized onions, pickles beets, hot sauce, green chillies and so on. If you’re envisioning a burger perfectly crafted to your liking, you get the Rodeo Burgers picture!

Next time you have a craving for fast food, or just a special treat, consider the growing number of delicious and different fast foods that are found right here at home! Looking for the perfect Edmonton apartment rental? Visit our listing of apartments for rent in Edmonton today.