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Welcome to Coronado, CA

This picturesque and charming city is located in San Diego County, at the southern tip of California. It is connected to the city of San Diego by a spectacular curved bridge. Coronado’s got its start in the late 1800’s as a resort community catering especially to boating enthusiasts. While not technically so, many people refer to it as an island, because its connection to the main body of land is the one bridge. That geographical separation has allowed Coronado to remain something of a throwback, and it has the atmosphere of a place removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Coronado remains an enviable place to live, as it possesses a small town vibe, yet is within a veritable stone’s throw of the urban amenities that San Diego offers.


Prefect For: Those Seeking a Respite from City Life- But Maybe Not Forever

You’ll be happily at home in Coronado if you appreciate the slower, small town lifestyle, Beach lovers find a lot to adore, due to the myriad of ocean activities available right outside their doorstep. The annual average temperature of 70 degrees means you’ll be able to stay active outside year-round.

The population is relatively affluent, and takes advantage of amenities like a renowned golf course and more upscale restaurants than one would usually find in a town this size. You must love, or at least tolerate well tourists and the presence of a military base in your town. What might be lost in nightlife and shopping malls is more than made up for with neighbors that you know and stunning views from each turn.
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The Lifestyle: Small Town Charm meets California Chill

Coronado offers the idyllic, laid-back California experience. It’s a bit like being on vacation on a regular basis. Residents enjoy all the activities that the beaches offer, like surfing, boating, paddle boarding and gazing at postcard perfect sunsets. With over 15 mlles of paths that wind through the city, you’ll have every opportunity to bike, rollerblade or walk. The kids will be blown away by Coronado Skate Park’s awesome 16,000 square feet of skateboard nirvana.

Activities in Coronado are not limited to the outdoors. Its picturesque downtown area offers a wide variety of shops, art galleries and restaurants. It’s fitting that the biggest community event of the year is the annual Fourth of July celebration and parade.
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Coronado, CA’s Real Estate Market

You’ll find a good mix of single-family homes and multi-unit condominiums in Coronado. What you won’t find are many vacant lots. Because the city is almost an island and surrounded by ocean on all sides, there simply is not room to grow, therefore space is at a premium. It’s not uncommon to find what are known locally as “granny flats”, small guest houses on the same lot as a larger house. Coronado’s median age for homes is 42 years, according to USA City Facts.

There are larger multi-unit condominium projects located on the city’s shorelines. This is prime real estate, with beach access and ocean or city, (the San Diego skyline), views.

Featured Neighborhoods in: Coronado, CA

-Coronado Village
-Coronado Cays
-City Center
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You’ll Enjoy: Miles of Beaches and Blocks of Shopping

The beaches are Coronado’s main draw, but they’re not the only attractions in town. The Coronado Museum of History and Art hosts fascinating historical exhibits and events. The Ferry Landing is home to several restaurants, which sport spectacular views of the city on the other side of San Diego Bay. Theatre lovers will appreciate the city’s handful of playhouses and theatres. Shopping aficionados can choose from Orange Avenue’s boutiques and locally owned stores, or the Ferry Landing’s upscale emporiums.

Tee off at the nationally acclaimed Coronado Golf Course. In addition to its arresting oceanside setting, this course has won awards for its par 72 course, greens and fairways.


Distinguished Schools in:Coronado, CA
Coronado High
| Grades 8-12 | 650 D Avenue

Coronado Middle| Grades 4-9 | 550 F Avenue
Silver Strand Elementary| Grades K-5 | 1350 Leyte Road
Village Elementary| PK-5 | 600 Sixth Street

Children can spend their entire pre-college school days right on the island, with the city’s four public schools, (elementary through high school), and one private high school. All of them are highly rated by You’ll also find a handful of private schools in the community.


Coronado, CA Utilities

-San Diego Gas & Electric | Gas & Electric |
-California American Water Company | Water |
-EDCO Disposal Corporation | Trash |
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The Workforce: Hospitality and Military

The tourism industry provides a large number of jobs in this resort area. There are major hotels and smaller hospitality establishments. In conjunction, many shops and restaurants depend, at least partially, on tourism revenue and supply jobs to locals. The hospitality industry, in general, is a major provider of jobs in Coronado.

The San Diego area economy in general, and certainly Coronado in particular, benefits from the heavy concentration of military bases located there. The United States Navy has a strong presence at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. As with tourists, a supporting economy exists to serve the needs of military families, many of which live in housing on Coronado.


Why Live Here: Escape to the Ocean

Coronado is the perfect hometown for both beach lovers and people who want a break from city life. The resort town feel is palatable and extends to residents, who enjoy playing at least as much as they like to work. Families with children will appreciate the smaller schools and friendly neighborhoods. Retirees can keep up an active lifestyle, due to the excellent weather and welcoming infrastructure.

One of the keys to Coronado’s allure is the fact that you don’t have to sacrifice the ability to visit a shopping mall, or take in nightlife- because the big city of San Diego awaits just over the bridge. The name Coronado translates from Spanish as, “The Crowned One”. Residents of this California burg will certainly agree that they are living the royal life, by the Pacific Ocean.